Helicopter ride

I went on a helicopter ride over Epping at the weekend. I really enjoyed it, but it went so quickly! We opted for the “thrill seekers experience,” which involved some twists and turns. I had found this deal on Groupon, for 2 people and a glass of bubbly it was only £65, it was such a bargain! We then paid an extra £10 on arrival for the thrill seekers experience. We were happy to pay the extra, as we are both quite adventurous.


We got to see the skyline of London and the surrounding area of Epping. Once we stepped off the helicopter, we were greeted with a glass of champagne- which is always welcome! If i was to do something like this again, we would choose a longer duration, to really enjoy the experience fully.


Trying to get a nice photo by a helicopter is just near impossible! The wind was blowing my hair all over the place, and a fly landed in my drink as well! Crisis averted- I swapped it with my boyfriend’s drink! 😋IMG_0201

The unimpressed face you make when you see the fly land in your drink 🙄IMG_0178

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  1. zanisstyles says:

    Love the pictures. Helicopter experience is amazing. I recommend everyone to try it at least once.

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