It was my third time in Ibiza and it never fails to disappoint, but it was my first time being out there for the closing parties so I was excited for this! Once we finally arrived at our hotel at 2am, as our transfer from the Airport left an hour late; we got changed quickly and went to Elrow at Amnesia. This was such an epic start to the holiday. Elrow events are always amazing but this was something else. At one point I turned around pretty drunk to find ET standing behind me, not something you expect to see 😂! After getting back to the apartment at 7.30am, we had 3 hours sleep then it was off to the beach!


Our second night was Defected at Eden, which is what I was looking forward to the most! It was all about the “tour de France” outfit for that night 😂. When I was having a clear out of my wardrobe I found these trainers which I forgot I had, I was so glad I found these little gems in time for my holiday.

By day 3 I was beginning to feel a little ropey after surviving on just 3 hours sleep each night! We went for a wander around San Antonio Bay, I wore these trouser cover ups from Pretty Little Thing that matched my bikini. Sadly I’m not that tall so the ends of the trousers got ruined… just any excuse to buy some new ones for my next holiday! After a power nap we went to see David Guetta at Ushuaia, he was awesome- Black Coffee made a guest appearance as well! David Guetta dropped some Eminem in, which was completely unexpected but it totally worked! We then went to Linekers, but I can’t actually remember leaving there after doing so many shots, so it must have been a good night!

It was nearing the end of our trip on day 4  😭 we were feeling so rough after doing so many shots the night before. We chilled by the pool and managed to just eat a slice of pizza each. Dinner was some doritos and dip and then it was back on the Vodka in time for Eric Prydz closing party at HI! I was wearing this white two piece from Oh Polly- it was not white by the end of the night after sitting outside in the smoking area!  It was all worth it though! Eric Prydz was amazing- this was my first time in HI and I think it was my favourite club I had been to out there.

It was our last night now, we were full of such mixed emotions from the trip. We were sad that it was over, but also exhausted and looking forward to being in my own bed. We went to this restaurant called Tapas Restaurant and Lounge Bar. I had found it on TripAdvisor and it didn’t disappoint! It was the best tapas we have ever eaten; I couldn’t recommend this place enough! We then watched the sun set from Café Mambos. It was a perfect way to end our holiday!


Until next year Ibiza  ❤

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  1. oldpoet56 says:

    I am glad that you were able to have a good holiday and congrats on becoming a new Aunt.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you very much 🙂


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