Jace’s christening

It was my nephew’s christening in Ireland at the weekend, it was such a special occasion for all my family. We were staying in and Airbnb not far from my family in Faithlegg in Waterford. It was a cosy little cottage, it was perfect for the weekend. The next morning we went for a lovely walk down the road where we were staying, as we had a beautiful view of the river and surrounding countryside.


I spent most of my first day helping my cousin look for a dress for the christening, talk about last minute- but this is classic her! 😂 After hours of trying on lots of different dresses, we found the perfect dress in the last shop we went into! The only time we stopped to sit down was when we had lunch and dinner! We grabbed some lunch in O’Briens when we arrived, it’s a lot of carbs but SO worth it! We then had dinner in one of our favourite pubs in town- The Gingerman. It worked out perfectly for us as its always so packed as it’s so popular, but we managed to grab a nice area where there was plenty of space for us and Jace in his pram.

The christening was held on the Saturday, we had to collect the cake (which was amazing) and balloons first of all in the morning. We were first of all attacked by a wasp getting out of the car, then we struggled to get the balloons in the boot of the car! Who knew it was so difficult to get balloons in the boot of the car!? 😂 It was then back to the cottage to get ready! I was so happy to be asked to be Jace’s Godmother, it meant so much to me!

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After the service we headed to Jack Meades for the do afterwards. This was then followed by us heading into town to carry on the party.

Sunday was my last day, as I was heading back that evening. I spent the Sunday eating and having lots of cuddles with Jace- two of my favourtie things to do! It was a very short trip but it was a very special one! I will be planning my next visit very soon!

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