Primark haul

I love a trip to my local Primark- I’m very lucky that my local store is on Oxford Street so I’m always spoiled for choice when I visit! On the downside, its so easy for me to spend so much money in there, girl problems huh! 🤷‍


I have been looking for a nice silky short pyjama set and I have am loving the colour burgundy at the moment. I brought them on holiday with me, which they worked perfectly for. Sadly I left the top there, which I only realised when I was unpacking 😞 The set was only £10 – I’m going to see if they have the top in stock still and replace it as I love them so much!


I always wear an eye mask at night as I’m such a light sleeper, and the slightest bit of light wakes me up. This eye mask was just £5 and it’s a unicorn… what could be better than that?!


I picked up some fairy lights and a pretty diffuser for my room. Now it feels like summer is well and truly over, I wanted to brighten my room up. I like nothing better than watching a movie with my new fairy lights on. Especially if I’m watching The Walking Dead! The diffuser cost £6 and the fairy lights were £5.


Lastly, I got this Sassy wash bag. I’ve been experimenting with lots of new makeup and hair products so this was just perfect for storing them all in!


It’s nearly pay day so I’m sure I will be back to Primark soon!


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  1. itsloulouc says:

    Love it! Would love to see a pic of where you put the lights, need some inspo haha x

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    1. I will take a pic of this! 🙂 x

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  2. mariexceline says:

    Oxford Street Primark is amazing

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